“Trees of Life” by Prosperus, Poet-in-Residence

a distinct scent trances, rushes up my nose
i inhale slowly, the faint petals of a rose
enclosed in the air, that slight drift of fresh beginnings
well aware to be careful, ‘n’ treasure this life we’re living
so while sitting in this garden awaiting the buds of springtime
i’m inclined to remind myself that we’re alive ‘n’ full of rhyme
tryin’ to keep in mind that there’s a love sproutin’ true
i’ll prove to all of you that i’m growing with my muse
she’s now used to me, the beauty, our trunks rise to the sky
twisting, entangling blissfully, stretchin’ our branches out high
and as the twilight hums tunes ‘n’ plucks the stars as notes
we unload our souls, with our deep roots we devote
boasting natural growth, we coast with the season’s shifting leaves
our hearts wide-open, embracing other green trees ‘n’ breeze
‘n’ bleeding a sap, that’s rich with pure poetry
flowingly pouring out, most likely all of me
honestly, the flowers, the soft grass ‘n’ rich soil
plus the animals are being handled, to earth we must be loyal
morally spoken, we owe her our lives
she has tried to warn us, but we just push her aside
we must stop standing divided, ‘n’ remind us of our race
and realize that we’re blind, ‘n’ just blighting up this place
DING…time to change, a new decade is among us
can’t we just love, sing ‘n’ dance together ‘n’ try to have some fun among us?
but when it comes down to us, ‘n’ by us, i mean trees
we can help feed the needy by spreading love for free
‘n’ let our leaves bloom wide, pollen of enchantment
hitchin’ the winds for a ride, we touchdown with the elements
so it’s blatantly evident, we WILL our souls to give
understanding we must try at least cuz this is the only life we’ll live
and til we wither back to her, we shall nurture with our nature
our nature to love, this way, maybe we can save her
so on this paper now, are my words carved in ink
seeping way down, letting my deep roots sink
just think of us as giving trees, ‘n’ believe in our growth
to this world we must give all the love that we owe
so just so you know, you’re not alone in this forest
you’ve got warrior poets, passionate lovers ‘n’ revolutionary artists
who are starting to embark on their journey to rise
finding the truth, what keeps us alive
springtime has arrived, ‘n’ the sun is set to shine
remember, we’re the trees of life, the seeds of the divine…
Prosperus is a hip-hop, spoken word artist and for this summer, ExSE’s Poet-in-Residence. 

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