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Regional Roundup for Week of 5.18.17

EXSE FOCUS Mekong River Commission meets on Lao dam – The Phnom Penh Post The Mekong River Commission held its second stakeholder meeting on Laos’s controversial proposed Pak Beng dam on Friday, giving involved parties the opportunity to hear responses to concerns ...

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Harvesting the 2017 dry season rice crop next to a CAVAC project rehabilitated canal to which no water reaches, due to over-allocation, a recurring problem nationwide. Farmers must still rely on pumped groundwater for irrigation needs.

Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Water Management via Irrigation Approaches in Cambodia?

In this second of three articles, I consider some of the salient issues surrounding the notion of “sustainability” related to the irrigation sector in Cambodia, particularly with regards to how it has been applied to date in what is considered ...

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The silted up and poorly maintained canal drawing from the Roleng Chrey diversion dam today supplies a fraction of the area it was originally designed to, while some farmers with land next to it still draw water by hand.

From Israeli to Indian aid in Cambodia: The Prek Thnot river basin’s hydraulic development paradigm

Overview: Cambodian Irrigation Issues The entire Mekong Basin is undergoing a period of rapid social and environmental transformation, a large part of which is closely linked to decisions made over water resources development and management. States and non-state actors, both domestic ...

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U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (C) shakes hands with ASEAN foreign ministers before a working lunch at the State Department in Washington, U.S., May 4, 2017. REUTERS/Yuri Gripas

Regional Roundup for Week of 5.5.17

The Trump administration is slowly  coming around to see the importance of US-ASEAN relations, but will downplaying human rights and democratization produce unintended consequences? The Philippines hosted the thirtieth ASEAN summit last weekend. Despite the opposition in China, THAAD became ...

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Thai protestors demonstrate their opposition to the Krabi coal plant in February 2017. Image: Phuket Gazette

Pragmatic Approaches to Coal and Renewable Energy in Thailand

 Over the next two decades, Thailand’s Power Development Plan 2015-2036  lays out a path to increase its use of coal as a portion of its overall power mix (PDP2015).The rise of coal is an intentional diversification away from Thailand’s long-standing ...

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Regional Roundup for Week of 4.20.2017

Regional Roundup for Week of 4.20.2017

Last week, China resumed a survey of blasting rocks in the Mekong river more than 200 kilometers from its border - and aroused protests. An Indian court has recognized the Ganges and the Yamuna rivers as living entities. Could the ...

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