“Poetry ‘n’ Earth” by Prosperus, Poet-in-Residence

my bare feet press into the wood as my fingertips caress the cracks
along this fluorescent riverbank, my essence interacts
swirling pools of mischievous beauty spin quietly under the sky
fat green passing trees all laugh with me as i reply
liquid glass bubbles the surface ‘n’ shifts its concepts around
roots press ‘n’ devour stone as loyalty to nature is found
mountains are crowned with rich streaks of mint, lime butter melted
compelled by the standing whiskers that rise ‘n’ gradually swell
the earth tells me to love her strong as this river twists me along
this life, this journey, this rhyme is worthy of being spoken into song

where i belong is here indeed, where the sun tickles the leaves
where i can achieve karmic peace ‘n’ satisfy my needs
flashes of banana yellow, impact the size of my pupils
catching my eye to see passed sight ‘n’ let wisdom rule
abstract grays ‘n’ fleshy blues only slightly rest under the clouds
a defiance unmatched in steady stance, carving with their mouths
proud to seek the common creases which fold along the valleys
humps bleach me with trunks of trees as silhouettes surround me
patches of a mystery, rumble my inner jungle
bundles of grass fields come to free me of all troubles
amongst the peaks i rest my thoughts ‘n’ remedy my static feelings
embrace the path that leads you passed all your limits ‘n’ your ceiling
bends interject fresh new flows which let me rest with the mist
stretching my lyrics ‘n’ sentences from my heart, to my lips
a passionate kiss from the supple winds,

tenderize my soul as my purpose coasts along the surface of the welcoming hills which roll
bold in brush strokes, fine in epic detail
here i make my mark with art ‘n’ carve what must prevail
to treat each word as a curious seed ‘n’ allow earth to heal
teaches the poet to be honest in speech ‘n’ to believe in what’s real
may the wheels of destiny churn me true ‘n’ send me in the direction
where the lessons of poetry ‘n’ earth merge into the answers to my questions…

now i am present…

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