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Airport International Connectivity Ranking: China vs. US

Intraprovincial routes in Yunnan [click map to enlarge]

Intraprovincial routes in Yunnan [click map to enlarge]

In this era of time-space compression, people, goods, and ideas move about Earth faster and in greater numbers than ever before. Human civilization has always revolved around nodes and flows, as ancient trading centers and trade routes demonstrate. What makes the era we’re in now unique is the degree to which transportation and communications infrastructure have accelerated these flows, erasing the physical distance between the nodes. But much in our interconnected world, for instance most commodity chains, remains out of sight under the surface. Only when a factory collapse in Bangladesh splashes the headlines are we reminded of the long and convoluted paths that stuff takes on its way from raw materials to the shelves at Wal-Mart. Continue reading


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